Ohio State Postgame: Ryan Day, CJ Stroud, Jeremy Ruckert Talk 54-7 Win Over Indiana

BLOOMINGTON – Following Ohio State’s dominating 54-7 win over Indiana Saturday night, Buckeye head coach Ryan Day, tight end Jeremy Ruckert, and quarterback CJ Stroud spoke with reporters about the game and what Ohio State accomplished. The highlights of everything can be found below.

Ryan Day

+ “It’s always been about us and that’s what we have to focus on.” They headed into this game with no record. They were 0-0. They came out and played well. They weren’t expecting rain, but they handled it well.

+ A bunch of guys stepped up. The defense was running around and having fun.

+ Asked about scoring 19-straight touchdowns with CJ Stroud at the helm: “It’s something I guess.” But it takes the entire offense to get it done. Can’t miss assignments anywhere. It’s good and the offense is playing at a high level but it won’t mean anything if they don’t beat Penn State.

+ TreVeyon Henderson is fine. They held him out in the second half to prevent injury. It’s a tough decision removing guys from the game because they all want to play. Henderson is running hard and playing on contact. He is taking care of the football. Cannot turn the football over. The team ran tough throughout the game.

+ A bunch of guys are getting on the field and that’s what they’re looking for.

+ The defensive adjustments in the game are a tribute to the assistant coaches. They have to quickly address how they’re being attacked and then fix it.

+ CJ Stroud sees the field very well and has confidence in the guys around him to protect him and catch the ball. “He made some nice throws tonight.”

+ When you keep getting the ball at midfield like they did tonight it gives you ultimate confidence. It turns into a steamroller.

+ “I think across the board we’re aggressive.” They were aggressive running the ball early on.

+ This is a different team than the one early in the season. They have confidence from having done everything they’re being asked to do, and that wasn’t the case to start the season. When you’re not on your own, you build your confidence. The offense, defense, and special teams are complementing each other right now. They’re building on it, they’re not there yet.

+ It’s great to have a lot of offensive weapons, but guys have to be unselfish and play team football. These guys are also sacrificing right now by not getting to play four quarters. Sometimes the sacrifices are about not getting touches or playing time.

+ Six games in for CJ Stroud, “we don’t want to ride the roller coaster with this thing…” They are going to stay humble. He has the talent to make all of the throws, but he’s got help all around him.

CJ Stroud

+ “I’m feeling more comfortable being out there.” His teammates are a great help.

+ He feels like the offense can do whatever they want right now. It’s a testament to the preparation and momentum. He is confident in his receivers and they are confident in him.

+ The offensive line was great. He only got touched once.

+ He comes in early for meetings and does a lot of work before hand. He meets with many different coaches and watches film from years before him. He was watching 2017 Indiana film even this week.

+ “This is the most team sport ever.” He was down in the dumps a bit early in the season but his teammates lifted him up. “I appreciate just being around great people in the building.” They help him keep going.

+ Buckeye fans can be critical but he’s blessed to be at Ohio State.

+ TreVeyon Henderson and Miyan Williams ran hard. “When Evan was in he did a great job.” “We have great backs.”

+ He came into this game with a clean slate. Whatever happened in the previous game goes away. You can’t carry past games into the next.

+ We have a great mindset of just letting stuff go, whether it’s good or bad.

Jeremy Ruckert

+ It’s always fun to catch the ball. “Everybody sees the stat sheet.” The culture here is about making plays when your name is called.

+ They’ve been steady and putting their heads down every week. They went into this game focused on relying on each other. Whoever the play goes to, there is confidence that person is going to make the play.