Author: Tony Gerdeman

Buckeye Sloopcast: S6E15 — Allegedly

In this episode of The SloopCast, Kyle and Jared provide updates from camp. Ryan Day says he feels “strong” about their defense but one position group has Jared and Kyle feeling nervous.  Unsurprisingly, it's not the WRs as the four freshmen continue to earn praise and Mookie Cooper sheds his black stripe.

Then they turn their attention nationally for the #SlooPicks

Florida and LSU gets delayed

Why this week is Miami’s real test.

Is Tulsa secret-good?

Is -16.5 too much of a handicap for Notre Dame?

Texas AM attempts to play some D.

Is North Carolina the ACC’s #2?

Betting on Jeff Hafley

How will Saban’s absence affect Bama ahead of their biggest challenge?

Forest & The Evergreens
Lady (Sofar Session - Live)

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