Postgame: Ryan Day, CJ Stroud, More Talk 66-17 Win Over Maryland

COLUMBUS — Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters following the Buckeyes’ emphatic 66-17 win over Maryland. Day spoke about his team and how the game went. Also speaking were quarterback CJ Stroud and others. The highlights of everything that was said can be found below.

Ryan Day

+ The defense is young and growing and it is leading to some more aggressive calls defensively.

+ The personnel certainly helps when you talk about the receivers and how they get open. The plays look a lot better when you have the players back there.

+ Everybody deserves credit for Emeka Egbuka’s kickoff returns today, but give credit to Egbuka as well because he has a great approach and prepares well.

+ CJ Stroud is executing at a fairly high level right now. He will tell you that he missed a few throws, but he’s make plenty of good throws as well.

+ They’ll see how Haskell Garrett is. It’s been something they’re struggling with. Hopefully the bye week will help.

+ “Kerry Coombs got the game ball today.” The defensive staff is coming together right now and they’re working together well and “seeing it through one lens.”

+ CJ Stroud has done a good job of extending plays and also making smart decisions.

+ There were a lot of guys without much experience early in the season. It has taken a while to get some guys some reps and confidence.

+ How good was CJ Stroud’s performance compared to the guys the last two or three years? He’ll have to watch the film. The best thing Stroud does is see the field.

+ The 17-play drive felt like a 25-play drive. They couldn’t get started on first and second down. It was an ugly first drive. They didn’t have much rhythm.

+ It was big-time the way Stroud would keep plays positive and check down when Maryland showed them something they hadn’t seen on film.

+ The linebackers now understand where they fit. They are a very serious group. It uplifts their whole defense.

+ The defensive line created a lot of havoc in hte backfield. That changed the picture for Tagovailoa as well. They also changed some coverages up throughout the game.

CJ Stroud

+ He’s just being more comfortable and being himself at quarterback now. Everybody is doing a great job protecting him. He just has to do his part.

+ Which play did he like best? He liked them all but he wishes he could have gotten the deep pass to Chris Olave completed.

+ God has blessed him with supernatural healing on his shoulder. He thinks the coaches are going to continue to trust him more because he’s taking care of the football.

+ He’s past thinking about his shoulder.

+ When Maryland set out to stop the run, they countered by being able to throw the ball. That’s what a great offense does. If you take one thing away, you are still able to do the other very well.

+ Last week shot his confidence up. It doesn’t matter what the outside world says. “I really think we’re starting to roll.”

+ Maryland threw some different looks at them that they weren’t expecting but they still handled it well with some checkdowns.

+ There is a lot more work to do on offense in order to improve and become the best offense in the country. It’s something they can reach.

+ The great thing about the passing game, on any given play there are multiple routes. It’s also an unselfish group.

+ “I just feel blessed.” He is at a great place. He didn’t really know what type of program he was in until this season and he felt the support from the inside and the hate from the outside.

Chris Olave

+ He’s not surprised when he breaks wide open during a game. They have one of the best play callers in the country.

+ There is a lot of talent on the offensive side. Once the pass game gets going it opens up the running game.

+ This offense is starting to build more chemistry. It can be unstoppable and scary. “This week and last week we’re damn near perfect.”

+ They have cleaned up the little mistakes on offense since the Oregon game. The penalties, the passing game outside is better as well.

Emeka Egubka

+ He will bust one open eventually. It’s going to happen.

+ Teammates have given him some grief over getting tackled before getting to the end zone this year. He’s going to need to find a way to finish it off.

+ The first thing about returning a kick is securing the ball and then getting upfield as fast as you can and then trusting the up-men Steele Chambers and Xavier Johnson. Their mindset is to return every kickoff if they can.

Marcus Williamson

+ He’s born and bred in Ohio and he is passionate about playing for the Buckeyes.

+ The defense knows they took one on the chin early in the season, so they have come back and are trying to put the world on notice.

+ They have a great coaching staff that can plug and play different guys. They all know the concepts so they can come in at any point and perform.

Cody Simon

+ Football is all about adapting. Week two was a rough week for them, but they have kept working.

+ It is electrifying watching this offense.

+ Kerry Coombs has been through a lot but nothing has changed for him. Not everything goes your way but he’s stuck through it and they appreciate him.

+ Steele Chambers inspires him to be the best player he can be.

+ He’s not surprised by Steele Chambers because he always saw him making plays on special teams. He is a great character player too.

Steele Chambers

+ The biggest change for this defense? They’re playing with more energy, they are more comfortable, and they trust each other.

+ Overcoming the Oregon loss shows some resiliency from this defense.

+ He’s getting more and more comfortable.

+ The team was very happy for Kerry Coombs getting the game ball.

+ He’s stayed the course and it looks like it’s paying off right now.

+ The defensive touchdowns are a testament to the preparation they put in each week. They work on returning interceptions and fumbles every day in practice.