Buckeye Scoop has learned that freshman quarterback Quinn Ewers is transferring from Ohio State. Ewers made the OSU staff aware of his intentions on Friday. Yahoo’s Pete Thamel is also reporting the same.

Ewers skipped his senior season of high school to enroll early at Ohio State and take advantage of the NCAA’s new rules permitting players to make money off of their name, image, and likeness. He arrived after fall camp had already begun this year and some people still believed he would be able to compete for the Buckeyes’ starting quarterback position.

Ewers was the No. 1-ranked quarterback in the 2021 class and was one of four Buckeye quarterbacks with freshman eligibility this season. He saw action in one game for the Buckeyes this season and did not throw a pass.

Expectations are that the Texas native will return back closer to home.

Buckeye Scoop will have more on Ewers’ decision in the days to come.

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    1. All I can think of. No other reason for his every move at this point unless he is just incredibly homesick and never should have rushed his development

  1. [QUOTE=”sidneybuck, post: 432833, member: 703″]
    [USER=4]@Kirk Barton[/USER] Can. you get that Truck back?

    Driving it right now

  2. [QUOTE=”Mrbigbux, post: 432996, member: 1051″]
    Is the navigation programmed to Dallas?


  3. [QUOTE=”Mrbigbux, post: 433041, member: 1051″]
    Man. I was thinking Lubbock.

    If they hire Graham Harrell that is a very good possibility

  4. [QUOTE=”Olave4Heisman, post: 450265, member: 2425″]
    [ATTACH type=”full” alt=”2277404C-D022-4A0F-982F-957ADA4479DC.jpeg”]10839[/ATTACH]

    Texas Tech 247 is saying Ewers is a done deal back to the Longhorns.

    Knowing what I know id have already been enrolled lol

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