COLUMBUS – St. Clairsville (OH) offensive tackle Avery Henry visited Ohio State for the Akron game. When the 6-foot-6 and 300-pound prospect arrived in Columbus he was committed to Iowa State. Since returning home, however, he has decommitted from the Cyclones.

He didn’t leave town with an offer from the Buckeyes but he has been in contact with the Ohio State coaching staff for quite some time now and a relationship is forming.

“I have been in and out of contact with Ohio State for about two years now and it really started Monday, the week of the game,” Henry told Buckeye Scoop. “They called me and said ‘hey we really want you to come down and we haven’t been able to see you, we want to see you and talk to you.’ That’s how it went down.”

As for how the actual visit went down, it was a bit different for Henry since he is a 2022 prospect with signing day only months away.

“So, in the beginning, it was a pretty normal visit, and then out of all 33 other recruits I was the only one to be called out and I went and talked to coach Day for about ten to 15 minutes,” Henry said. “He told me he was really impressed with me losing 60 pounds and his exact words were ‘We need more people like that.’ so I thought that was pretty cool and that’s the one thing I did differently than anyone else.”

Losing 60 pounds is no easy feat and Henry is proud that he was able to do it. Which made the recognition from Ohio State’s head coach even better.

“It meant a lot because at the time when I was losing all this weight I really did think that I lost my opportunity that I was just too heavy and nobody would want me because I was too slow,” he said. “That’s what pushed me to lose all that weight and coming from a coach like Ryan Day it meant the world. I knew I accomplished what I needed to accomplish and all around that was a really good feeling.”

Beyond coach Day and offensive line coach Greg Studrawa, there is one other Ohio State staffer keeping in contact with Henry, Executive Director for Football Relations Tim Hinton. It was actually Hinton that invited Henry down and they two caught up on the field before kickoff.

“He told me that it was really good that I came and it would benefit me,” Henry said.

Henry also told Buckeye Scoop that he decommitted from Iowa State for reasons beyond just interest from Ohio State. It was more about his family.

“Realizing that 12 hours is really far away and it would really hurt my family,” he said. “This isn’t just about me, it’s about my family at the end of the day too. Roughly I’m looking for a six-hour radius.”

With a reset in his recruitment, Henry is fielding calls and texts from numerous schools in the region.

“Really everyone was pretty respectful about me being committed,” he said. “I would still get texts from West Virginia, Ohio State, Pitt and really now it’s doubled. I’m getting texts from Miami (OH) and Cincinnati.”

Finally, Saturday’s visit for the Akron game was only the beginning when it comes to Henry and Ohio State. He says the Buckeyes already have a plan for what’s next for both parties.

“They said they want to come to see me at my school, come to my practice, and have another talk with me,” he said. “As far as I know, that’s gonna happen in the next couple of weeks.”

Henry decommitting from Iowa State the day after visiting Columbus is certainly an interesting storyline, but it’s early. Ohio State is still evaluating the St. Clairsville product while West Virginia is just a short drive away and his grandfather played there. Ultimately, senior film and relationships will tell the tale with Ohio State and Henry.

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  1. I’ve said it before my pecking order of in-state offensive linemen is as follows: 1. Carter Smith 2. Ryan Baer 3a & b. Ethan Green & Avery Henry.

    I saw Henry live and he’s a great kid. However, he’s best college position is likely guard at best right tackle. Ohio State has that in Tegra. My larger concern with Henry and Baer too is that they are guys that had and will have to cut weight which isn’t a great predictor for college to pro success.

    Smith is the only guy I think is a for sure tackle with left tackle upside.

  2. [QUOTE=”bucklaw09, post: 345291, member: 3301″]
    Has the ship sailed on Smith or is he still in play if OSU decides he’s a take?
    That is something I will have to talk with Carter about. My initial reaction is yes, Carter is a hardworking dude that wants to win.

  3. [QUOTE=”CincyBuck2012, post: 348509, member: 3091″]
    So this kid is clearly going to commit. [USER=11]@Bill Greene[/USER] [USER=10]@Mick Walker[/USER] what are your thoughts?
    I have made it clear on this board that Carter Smith out of Olentangy Liberty would have been chosen for the in-state offensive tackle to circle back to, this confuses me. Ohio State has done their homework here, he visited and got a talk with Day then Stud and Wilson saw him live last Thursday. He was clearly their choice, just wouldn’t have been mine.

    [USER=8991]@Kevin_N[/USER] is currently naming doing the fancy YouTube stuff to get his highlights from two weeks ago up. Personally, it was hard for me to learn much from that game because he is just so much bigger than everyone else. Still, he has the frame and work ethic that is intriguing. Once Kevin gets the highlights up we will share them.

  4. Here are the highlights from his game against Bellaire: [MEDIA=youtube]bVHdPDkBuZM[/MEDIA]

  5. I’m in the “I’m fine taking Ohio projects and seeing how they develop” camp…but I’d like Henry in addition to 4 OSU level targets. I do think they have two in the two they have but they really need to finish strong with a couple of the bigger fish out there IMO.

    I will say OL is more about how you develop/coach them than any other position so this will be totally on Stud

  6. [QUOTE=”BrutusBuckeye11, post: 348681, member: 1980″]
    Oh boy losing Nester looks to be a big loss in hindsight.
    Was it? Not really IMO. He was scared to compete and that’s why he went to VT. Now he left there and is at WVU

  7. [QUOTE=”Golden1, post: 348703, member: 553″]
    I really don’t know one way or the other, but he did start at Va Tech his Freshman and Sophomore years and now at West Va. as a Junior. That doesn’t sound like a loser, does it?
    Not saying he’s a loser but also doesn’t mean he’d have success at Ohio State. By the time he’s done it will be irrelevant. OSU doesn’t need him this year or next year. Want to argue year after? Sure.

  8. [QUOTE=”BrutusBuckeye11, post: 348909, member: 1980″]
    I know that. I was being sarcastic back at Frambes since he acted like Stud should be crucified for missing out on Nester and having to settle for Vimahi.
    Ha I figured that out after

  9. Two things I have been pondering about the offensive line recently:

    1. This is an idea I have had over and over again in my head but quite honestly I think it is much more vital in today’s world of college football to land big-time quarterbacks and wide receivers than offensive linemen. College football is all about offense, you have to score more points to win after all. I continue to go back to a team like Notre Dame that recruits lights out on the offensive line year after year but still never wins anything of significance because they don’t have an elite thrower of the football or guys that can win outside. Their stud offensive line doesn’t mean much if they don’t have guys that can put up points. So while I don’t think Henry was the best offer I do think all will be fine because Ohio State has the talent to outscore just about anybody they face.

    2. And this is a much more recent thought on the state of offensive line recruiting, if this is Stud’s plan then everyone they take needs to hit their developmental ceiling. Ohio State can win a national championship with Tegra, George Fitzpatrick, and Avery but they have to be the best possible players they can be in college. Fitzpatrick will NEED to be a left tackle, Avery Henry WILL NEED to be a right tackle and Tegra will NEED to be a stud guard. It is totally plausible but not the most probable thing in the world because there are misses in every class.

    Those are my thoughts on the state of the offensive line, both from a 100,000-foot view and up close…

  10. [QUOTE=”BigBuck80, post: 349125, member: 354″]
    I know you may not have the details but is it tied to physical projections (size/weight/short space quickness)?

    That’s my question on Wagner as I know he’s still physically developing even though he’s highly rated. Not sure if Carter Smith is in a similar situation so it’s interesting that OSU did an eval on him but essentially passed for Henry.
    I think Ohio State’s decision to offer Henry has a lot to do with fit, both on the field and off. Not every player fits with the culture at Ohio State, Ryan Day and Co. believe Henry does.

  11. [QUOTE=”Golden1, post: 349237, member: 553″]
    I’m with you on this. If this is Henry at 6’6″ and 305 I think he’s got a tremendous upside once he’s coached up by Stud and built up further by Mickey. Has he camped anywhere?
    [ATTACH type=”full” alt=”Henry.png”]8822[/ATTACH]
    No, he was quite loyal to his Iowa State commitment.

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