Ryan Day, Buckeyes Discuss 41-20 Win Over Tulsa

COLUMBUS – Following Ohio State’s three-touchdown victory over Tulsa, Buckeye head coach Ryan Day met with reporters to discuss OSU’s 41-20 win. He was joined by several players as well. Concerns remain regarding the defense, and questions are rising regarding quarterback CJ Stroud. Day talked about all of it, including outstanding freshman running back TreVeyon Henderson’s record performance.

Ryan Day

+ It was good to get the running game going.

+ “I thought we stopped the run better.” They did mix up some looks on defense. They’ll look at the film and see how their structural changes went. “Everybody was on the same page.”

+ Everybody has input on the game plan but Matt Barnes was calling the defense today. They did a better job of in-game adjustments.

+ TreVeyon Henderson has worked very hard since he arrived. He doesn’t act like a freshman. He ran hard today. When he gets to the second level he can take it all the way.

+ Miyan Williams is healthy.

+ Have to stop with the penalties. “Those are the things that really hurt you.”

+ Sevyn Banks is practicing much better and they’ll evaluate how he played via film.

+ You’re seeing secondary members challenge the ball but he wants to see more of a pass rush.

+ Why didn’t Miyan Williams play? They went with the hot hand and had practiced well. Williams did miss a practice this week.

+ Everybody works through different injuries and sorenesses and CJ Stroud is no different.

+ Yes, he spent more time with the defense this week and it impacted his input on offense, but they have a good plan moving forward.

+ Stroud threw some nice balls but did miss a couple.

+ They’ll assess the defensive film, but he expects Matt Barnes to continue calling the defense. Larry Johnson always has a lot of input. It went smooth today. They took a hard look at it this week and had some hard conversations. Kerry Coombs is a profession. He’s an Ohio guy who just wants to win. He’s still a big part of this defense.

+ How does he feel about the defense leaving the field tonight? “I don’t know.” How does he feel? “Like I always do after a win, relieved.”

+ Today was a step in the right direction. It’s a long road. “This is a journey yet to be determined. That’s the fun part about college football.”

+ The defense showed toughness and some energy. They tackled better.

+ TreVeyon Henderson is somebody that can hit home runs. “That’s a whole different dynamic.” He will have to learn to make an ugly three or four yards.

+ Zach Harrison will hopefully return to practice next week. They felt the best thing to do is hold him out and get him back next week.

+ Thayer Munford doesn’t look like a long-term injury.

+ It’s exciting to watch these young guys on the team making plays. It’s a give-and-take because they will have growing pains, but this is a young team. “But we’re also talented.”

CJ Stroud

+ “Winning isn’t easy.” Tulsa does some funky things on defense. They were dropping eight and forcing tight windows.

+ “I was healthy enough to play. Not 100%, but who is 100%?” “Definitely have to get better, but I was healthy enough to play.”

+ No catches for Chris Olave? “Chris, he’ll bounce back.”

+ “We already knew [TreVeyon Henderson] was special. It was amazing watching him do what he did today.”

+ Tulsa runs a 3-3-5, which is tough to play against. They don’t allow easy completions. They bend and if you get greedy they can turn you over. “We definitely should be better.”

+ “Every game is a learning aspect for me. I’m only 19 as a redshirt freshman.” He’s still learning and it’s not an excuse and he knows people may not agree with that, but he’s going to keep his faith in God and his teammates. He’s not going to pay attention to the negativity.

+ His shoulder hurts, “but life hurts. Winning is tough.” That’s just football. You’re never 100% in football. It’s tough but he’s a tough guy.

+ Where does he need to improve? “All over.” They got a funky look on his interception so he needs to see that better. He wishes his arm was 100%, but it is what it is.

+ The perfect balance in the offense depends on executing the offense at a high level. “We haven’t done it yet.” When they put it all together, they’ll have the best offense in the country.

Cam Martinez

+ “It felt good” to get his interception. He felt like somebody was going to get one in that drive. His role today was do whatever he was told, but it was mostly man coverage responsibilities.

+ It’s fun to have the young guys on the field making big plays because that is what they have envisioned and that’s what they’re always talking about.

+ The coaches always tell them to be ready and today his name was called. “It was really fun. I had a blast.”

+ Fall camp is when he started to feel comfortable on defense.

+ Denzel Burke playing well is no surprise to him.

Cam Brown

+ Have to go back and look at the film to see why they gave up so many passing yards.

+ They had to tune all of the outside noise out and just focus on practice this week.

+ He started feeling comfortable as a corner when he was a sophomore after playing receiver in high school.

+ “I feel like I’m never satisfied.” He will continue to take on every challenge.

Ronnie Hickman

+ Nothing was different regarding getting plays called.

+ Part of playing big-time CFB is being able to adapt and do different things for the team.

TreVeyon Henderson

+ “I wasn’t expecting something like this.” He reached one of his goals today by breaking the freshman record.

+ The workload came by surprise. He wasn’t expecting a lot of carries.

+ He hasn’t met Archie Griffin but he’s watched his film. “He was a great player.”

+ He found out before the game that he was going to start.

+ He didn’t want to reveal what else is on his list of goals. “I don’t want to put that out there.”

+ He is feeling fine after his near-injury. He pulled his leg away from trouble before it could have gotten worse as the nose tackle landed on it.

+”It’s a blessing. I’m excited right now.” But he must stay hungry and humble.

+ He doesn’t get nervous before games because he sees how bad the leaders on the team want to win.

+ His home run ability in the second level is natural. He tries not to think too hard when he’s out there.

Nicholas Petit-Frere

+ The offensive line communicated more today. The receivers blocked really well. Couldn’t be more proud of TreVeyon Henderson.

+ Losing Thayer Munford was a big loss. He’s been a staple on the offense, but things like this happen and you have to be prepared. The next guy goes up.

+ Dawand Jones is an amazing player so it doesn’t surprise him that he had a great day today. It’s great that everybody saw him play so well. It’s a testament to his hard work.

+ It’s nice to see all of TreVeyon Henderson’s efforts pay out for him.