Ryan Day Talks Gee Scott Position Move, Morning Scrimmage

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day met with reporters following practice on Friday and provided some updates on how things went. A handful of members of the media were also on hand for a portion of the practice, so he was also asked about what was seen from the curious onlookers. One of the main topics was the move of wide receiver Gee Scott to tight end. The highlights of the entire Zoom session can be found below.

— Gee Scott went to them about getting some work at tight end, and the potential he has and the size he has makes this an interesting move at a position of need.

— Demario McCall has been working at nickel and “all indications early on are that he’s going to be able to help us on the defensive side.”

— They look at the way guys are built and they think Gee Scott can handle the weight. Scott had been fighting every day just to stay at 215 and it would take nothing for him to get to 225 and beyond.

— They are some good young guys who are showing up in the secondary. They are going against great receivers. Sevyn Banks and Cam Brown will be back this summer, so the young guys getting reps at corner are getting better.

— They tackled today and had a live 50-play practice.

— There were a couple of guys out today with like stomach bugs and just “things that have been going around the team. Non-COVID related.

— The RBs ran hard in the scrimmage today. The DLine created some sacks today.

— The guys enjoyed the group practicing. Next week will be two practices with helmets and pads, and would like to do some more scrimmaging before the spring game.

— When it comes to moving players to different positions, if the players don’t want to do it, they won’t put their heart into it. They won’t move players if the players aren’t totally up for it. “If they’re not into it, then we’re not going to do it.” But if there is a need for it to happen, that’s a different deal. And if that happens, something has gone wrong on the roster.

— When it comes to the quarterbacks, he has to remember that these guys are doing all of this for the first time and he doesn’t want to jump on them for that. But if they keep making those mistakes, then it’s an issue.

— When he thinks of Justin Fields, he thinks of somebody who left the field after the Clemson loss and then just grinded for the next year. Mickey Marotti was inspired by the work Fields put in. Then the season got canceled and Fields didn’t opt out. He fought to get the season back. You can’t question his desire to not work. He started a petition, went on national TV to get the season back. And then played well. Had a couple of bad games and then was outstanding against Clemson. He’s gone through adversity and come through it. “All I know about Justin Fields is he’s one of the hardest working guys and when he sets his mind to something, he gets it done.” “I think the world of him.” This doesn’t bother Fields, but it bothers Day.