Ohio State head coach Ryan Day spoke with reporters following Saturday’s spring game. He answered questions about his team overall and especially his quarterbacks. Left tackle Thayer Munford and defensive end Zach Harrison also met with the media. The highlights of everything that was said can be found below.

Ryan Day

— The number one goal was to stay healthy and they did that. “It felt almost normal out there today” with the crowd and the band. “Even 20 (thousand) was nice.” They had a physical spring camp.

— The quarterbacks today were similar to what he saw all spring long. Some good, some bad. Flashes here and there. Just a bunch of learning opportunities. Spring has been good but there is a long way to go.

— Jack Sawyer is off to a great start. He’s earning more and more reps and working his way up the depth chart. He came in with a lot of confidence. What you saw today was pretty typical for him every practice. He has a chance to make an impact this year.

— Quarterbacks can’t win the job on one play. If you force the action you can make mistakes. Success sometimes means cutting your losses. Throwing the ball away can be a good rep. It make not feel like it at the time but as you look at the film you see what decision was best.

— The spring game is one of 15 practices. They take all of camp into account when evaluating the quarterbacks. “This was just a very small glimpse.”

— The wide receivers understand that the goal is to win games. They have never talked about touches among them. They work hard and want to help the team win and that will equate to getting the football. If the younger guys work hard they will be able to provide depth this year.

— As a quarterback when you’re learning the offense you don’t need to do anything more than make the routine plays routinely. But somewhere along the line, they’re going to have to make plays. It’s not just managing the game, but you have to make plays down the stretch in close games. Early on, however, with the talent around the quarterback, if he can just keep the chains moving, that’s a great start.

— They are always looking for versatility at the running back position. They need to run the ball, pass protect, and run routes. If you can do those three things, you’ll play. They are all good pass catchers and check downs to those guys can lead to big plays with the skill they have. That’s something they could start to look into more.

Thayer Munford

— It was great to be back out there with fans again.

— Jack Sawyer has been doing stuff like this all through camp. He’s been working with the best and he has a motor. “I’m just happy that he’s on our team.”

— He feels very comfortable with the quarterbacks. They want to be perfect, but when they make bad throws the team picks them up. They all compete. “I believe that whoever’s going to be behind us in the fall is going to do tremendous.”

— This was one of the best springs he’s been a part of. This was his third. He’s happy with where the team is right now, but nobody is satisfied with where they’re at because they have goals.

Zach Harrison

— Feels great about the defense right now. They are flying around and having fun.

— “Jack’s real. Jack’s legit.”

— Very happy with the pass defense right now. They are a more experienced team this year. Last year they gave up too many yards and that was a focus this spring. It starts up front but everybody needs to work together to make it happen.

— He’s getting more comfortable with the more reps he gets, which also builds his confidence as well. He’s feeling comfortable and confident in his skill set.

— Jack Sawyer has a great first step and can bend around the edge, which are two things that aren’t easy to teach.

— He believes in all three quarterbacks. Once that starter gets named, he’ll have all of his faith in that guy.

— The linebackers are the glue that holds the defense together. The guys who have been practicing have been running around and making plays. That’s all you can ask for from your linebackers.

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