LOS ANGELES – We kept up with our Scoop Eats tour of famous downtown Los Angeles establishments by visiting Philippe’s The Original, home of “French dipped sandwiches” or just the French Dip to the less formal.

As the story goes, in 1918 a sandwich was being prepared for a local policeman and the roll was accidentally dropped into the roasting pan that was filled with the hot juices that the meat was prepared in.

The next day that same policeman was back with friends, asking for a repeat of the previous day and a legacy was born. The owner of Philippe’s was smart enough to know that they were on to something and ran with it from there, and Philippe’s has been going strong for more than 100 years and counting, serving downtown Los Angeles that whole time.

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Now you can find French Dips at many places across the world, and just imagine that it all started at this local LA establishment (even though this is not the original location, Philippe’s moved in 1951 to its current location). We can assure you this is not the French Dip that you are getting at your local diner and if beef is not your thing, there are plenty of other meat selections on the menu.

This was good enough for Scoop Eats however, the thought of this origin story, a great sandwich and a local legend.

Join Tom Orr, Tony Gerdeman and Kevin Noon on this edition of Scoop Eats as we put Philippe’s to the test and see if it really is the original and if we can convince a couple of French Dip holdouts that this is the way. Kevin has been coming to Philippe’s for 35-plus years, but we know that Tom and Tony can be a tough sell, even when the promise of delicious roasted meats are on the menu.

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