Scoop Eats: Conquering the Jucy Lucy at Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS – Man cannot live on just football alone. Or at least that is what we are going to say here.

Over the course of the 2021 football season, when BuckeyeScoop goes on the road, we are going to target one (if not two) places unique to Big Ten cities to eat at.

Some are famous because of history, others because of a unique dish and others are just classics for their own reason.

With the season opener on Thursday, that gave us a chance to explore the Twin Cities, and there is no shortage of places to pick for “must sees” in terms of the culinary world.

Matt’s Bar doesn’t look like much, in fact it could be easy to drive past if you don’t know what you are looking for. But their Jucy Lucy burgers are something that keeps packing hungry customers in, sometimes creating lines that can take well over an hour.

What’s a Jucy Lucy? It is a cheese stuffed hamburger. It is not the only place in town that claims to be the birthplace of the Jucy Lucy but according to a show on Food Network, fans of the burger picked Matt’s as the best.

Join Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr as they experience their first run-in with the famous burger. How did it stack up against some lofty expectations? Would they visit again?

Find out more in this debut edition of Scoop Eats – Minneapolis.

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  1. “Its not as simple as it looks…. But its also not complicated, you can figure it out” laughed harder than I should at the assessment

  2. [QUOTE=”BrutusBuckeye11, post: 264935, member: 1980″]
    All well and good but where is the Scoop Drinks article at? 😅
    Cool place called Cowboy Jack’s. Rooftop bar with a Trainspotting-like terlet.

  3. [QUOTE=”Folanator, post: 265181, member: 1950″]
    We need to talk about your diet…lol
    The secret is to not eat like this all the time – pretty much just on the road.

  4. [QUOTE=”Masonu01, post: 265051, member: 921″]
    Glad you guys got to try our juicy Lucy in Minny! A little tip, before eating it, cut it in half, much safer! Lol
    wear your goggles when you do to avoid the inevitable spraying of hot cheese into your eyes!!!!!! 😉

  5. [QUOTE=”Natek10, post: 265802, member: 1690″]
    Nice! I love FnB.
    We had dinner at Seven on Wednesday.

    I won’t mention the worst executed concessions at an event in history. Still waiting for a beer….Great stadium though.

    Breakfast at Keys at the Forshay this morning. Who doesn’t love a mini High Life served with every Bloody Mary. Buckeye fans out in full force this morning.

    A little mimosa juice before some massages.

    Reso at Murray’s Steakhouse tonight.

    I think I’m going to refrain from reading the game thread this go around🤦‍♂️
    [ATTACH type=”full” alt=”B9C2E755-FEC7-4052-BFB5-9E92522EA963.jpeg”]7417[/ATTACH]
    Was great seeing you in Minnesota.

  6. [QUOTE=”Griffinfeb, post: 266285, member: 4448″]
    Just curious,

    What did they charge for the Jucy Lucy and fries? How many of those could you guys have put away?
    I think the Jucy Lucy was something like 8.50.

    They had half baskets and whole baskets of fries. Not sure I remember the price on those. Sodas were by the can, 1.75 per.

    I walked out eating a significant amount of fries and just one Jucy Lucy and was somewhere between content and full.

    If I were trying to prove something and was in it to eat, if I did no fries, I could probably eat three of them before being miserable. With the fries that I had a second one with little trouble.

  7. [QUOTE=”Griffinfeb, post: 266372, member: 4448″]
    People often talk about pizza, (Enricos for me as the GOAT but Indigress)

    Best cheeseburger/hamburger you’ve ever had?

    Have you had a burger from Swenson’s (original was in Akron, Oh I believe) they mix a hint of brown sugar in their burger meat. I like it, not saying it’s the all time best though

    That’s my quest, to find the BEST cheeseburger/hamburger ever.

    Welcome aboard BTW, think this staff can’t get any more elite!
    I am not going to make a divisive comment about Swensons. It was good, but not the best that I have had, even in terms of fast food. I would eat Whataburger 10 out of 10 times. And I am a west coast guy, so we know the chain out there that I have way too much love for.

    I really like a burger from The Varsity in Atlanta (the real one, not the airport one). But it is not top either.

    I need to think on this one. I don’t go out and order burgers that much when I go to a sit down place. Thurmans is pretty good, but it is less about the burger and more about everything else.

  8. [QUOTE=”RoMo88, post: 266391, member: 496″]
    The 5-8 Club is another one that “claims” to have originated the Juicy Lucy.

    [URL unfurl=”true”][/URL]

    But, you guys went to the BEST one. I would’ve suggested getting a double. LOL
    We were joking about doubles as we were walking to the car.

  9. [QUOTE=”RangerBuckeye, post: 266449, member: 3082″]
    What I would have given at that moment for my son and I to be seated at the table with you guys!! (y)🍔 And enjoying a Jucy Lucy with you!

    I remember the very first Jucy Lucy I ever had… many years ago… I was “coached” beforehand not to bite into the burger too early, because that could send the molten cheese onto my chin and cause a burn.

    Well, sure enough, as soon as the burger was brought out to our table and placed in front of me, I picked it up and bit into it… and of course, the “lava” flowed onto my chin and caused a burn.

    Thought I was going to need skin graft surgery!! :ROFLMAO:

    Great video!! And a great idea for your Big 10 road trips.
    I didn’t like waiting but I also didn’t want to become an internet sensation for being burned by cheese on camera.

  10. [QUOTE=”AnaheimBuck, post: 266007, member: 2462″]
    Did you put ketchup on your burger?
    A little bit.

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