LOS ANGELES – It is our final full day in Southern California, and you can’t claim to have a top-notch food segment like Scoop Eats without doing a piece from In-N-Out Hamburgers.

It has been in business since the late 1940s and for anyone who lives in one of the states that does not have In-N-Out, it is a must-go when you visit a state lucky enough to have it. And, based on how busy it is, people who live in those states make a regular stop of it as well.

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Secret menus, 4×4 burgers, animal style and so much more goes into the lexicon of In-N-Out Burgers and in this edition of Scoop Eats, Kevin Noon, Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr make their way to the local hot spot to put it up to the test.

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People are very particular with their burgers, and everyone feels that their local place is the best. Kevin is from SoCal and has made no secret about how much he loves the place, but can he sway Tom and Tony to see the light or is that going to fall on deaf ears and full stomachs?

AND: You Can Get A Free Meal

Be sure to check out everything from this final stop of our Rose Bowl trip from the In-N-Out near LAX (the airplanes will be a major giveaway of our location) as the debate roars on about where this place ranks in the hierarchy of top hamburger places.

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