Scoop On The Road: Jaylen Johnson and Devonta Smith Interview

Here at Buckeye Scoop, we like to get out on the road and see as many Buckeye targets or commits as possible. This past Monday we did that by making a handful of stops to high schools or work out facilities in the Cincinnati and Dayton Area.

Last Monday was a big day on the road for us as we made five stops to see a handful of Buckeye commitments and targets. The first stop of that big day was to La Salle High School where we saw Ohio State defensive back commits Jaylen Johnson and Devonta Smith workout. Both looked very smooth and in shape as they had the first workout of their senior season due to the statewide COVID-19 shutdown. 

During our interview with those two Buckeye commits, we talked about how they felt to get back on the field with their teammates. We also talked to Smith about committing during this pandemic and how Johnson helped him feel comfortable in his decision. With Johnson, we discussed his rehab from a shoulder surgery he had after the season and how he is handling safely working back up to full speed. These two are half of the best defensive back in the state of Ohio and we hope that you enjoy this conversation. And with that said we are heading back out on the road to see more future Buckeyes.