Ohio State earned a hard fought road win last week against Minnesota to kickoff its 2021 season. Now the Buckeyes get to play in front of their fans for the first time in two years and it is a big one with No. 12 Oregon coming to town. As always, our staff is taking their best shot at predicting Saturday’s outcome. Will the Buckeyes log a key Top 15 non-conference win?

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Kirk Barton

Ohio State 45 Oregon 28

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Ross Fulton

Ohio State faces a significant early season matchup from the Oregon Ducks. On defense, Oregon looks schematically to Wisconsin, playing a 3-4 before switching to a 2-4-5 nickel. The Ducks like to use heavy amounts of zone blitzes and sim pressures. Look for the Buckeyes to use plenty of 12 personnel to run downhill at Oregon; before targeting the Ducks’ inconsistent secondary with outside stem routes and heavy play action to Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave.

Oregon’s new offensive coordinator is Joe Moorhead, whose RPO-centric offense Ohio State has faced before when he was the Penn State offensive coordinator. Although RPOs can cause problems for the Buckeye defensive scheme, Ducks quarterback Anthony Brown is a better runner than thrower. But look for Oregon to mix in plenty of read and RPO plays. Facing Oregon will provide a better example of why OSU went to a 4-2-5 using a “bullet” strong safety instead of a Sam linebacker. But the key for the Buckeye defense will be winning up front against an Oregon offensive line that was inconsistent last week.

Ohio State 39 Oregon 26

Tony Gerdeman

Whether or not Kayvon Thibodeaux is going to play, the Ducks aren’t going to have enough defense for the Buckeyes.
If he plays, how healthy is he? If he’s 100%, maybe he’s a 14-point swing, but he’s not 100% healthy. Playing on a bum ankle won’t be ideal for him, so we’ll see what they do. I just don’t think it will really matter.

The Buckeyes may start slowly on offense as they get used to Oregon’s blitzing, but I see the offensive line eventually overwhelming the Ducks and the running game will take over. Miyan Williams and TreVeyon Henderson will carry the load and they’ll carry it well. One of them will go over 100 yards. The passing game will continue to be explosive and it wouldn’t be a shock to see another four touchdown passes for the Buckeyes. Oregon has some pass defense deficiencies, which isn’t great news for them, especially once the running game gets going.

Defensively for the Buckeyes, this is going to be our first real look at what the Silver Bullets are going to look like this year. It’s okay to be optimistic while also understanding that great offenses don’t get stopped entirely. Oregon doesn’t have a great offense, however, so if the Buckeyes tackle and keep quarterback Anthony Brown contained, they should be fine. If this is a four-quarter shootout, concerns may at that point be legitimate.

Ohio State 42 Oregon 24

Marc Givler

Both of these teams failed to bring complete performances to the table in their season openers, but Ohio State looked far better in its win over Minnesota than Oregon did in its win over Fresno State. With some questions surrounding the health of key players on both defenses, this could be a high-scoring affair. Ultimately I think that will favor Ohio State as the Buckeyes are loaded with weapons and will have an amped up home crowd behind them.

The threat of Anthony Brown’s legs at the quarterback position are a big concern for the Buckeyes and a defense that still hasn’t calmed the nerves of the fanbase. But I think Ohio State will get a key turnover or two by generating a strong pass rush against an Oregon offensive line that looked suspect a week ago.

Sprinkle in a few big plays from the usual suspects Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson, and the Buckeyes get the big win.

Ohio State 41 Oregon 31

Alex Gleitman

I think this is going to be a closer game than most think. Before seeing Oregon play, I thought I was going to predict an OSU loss this week, but after watching the Ducks, I think the Buckeyes are in a better position than I originally thought, despite their shortcomings on defense and the youth/inexperience at the quarterback position.

In the first half, I am expecting a defensive battle of sorts. I know everyone thinks this is going to be a high scoring game, but I think Oregon’s defense is going to throw some challenges at the young Ohio State signal caller, and I think the Buckeyes will be able to defend Oregon’s strength of the ground game pretty well. Let’s call it something like 17-13 heading into the half.

The second half is where I think things tend to open up a bit, and I think the Buckeyes will hit a few of those big plays, both through the air to their elite receivers, as well as on the ground via TreVeyon Henderson and Miyan Williams.

I’m not saying they’ll need a game winning drive or game winning defensive stop to get the victory, but I do think this one will be within reach for the Ducks for most of the 60 minutes of play. The Buckeyes will do just enough, though, to make sure they stay on top when the final whistle blows.

Gleitman’s Gameday Guide

Ohio State 38 Oregon 27


Another week–another adventure for the Ohio State defense as they face a more than capable Oregon Ducks squad that has been preparing for this very good for the better part of a year. The Oregon offensive has some weapons including a mobile QB, a couple of good WR’s a capable line and an ok running back.   

Look for the Ducks to try and confuse the OSU defense with multiple looks, shifting, overloads and misdirection—basically the polar opposite of what we saw out of Minnesota last weekend.  Defensively Oregon is in big trouble as they have a number of bad matchups that they will try and mask with abundant blitzing and gambling on defense.  I expect to see OSU score early and often and just pray for a few stops due to Oregon negative plays, penalties or crowd noise.   

I’m seeing this one as a high scoring affair and have Ohio State winning 45-28 in another game that will confirm the supremacy of the OSU offense and continue to raise questions about the OSU defense.  Can’t wait to see fans in the Horseshoe!  Let’s go

Ohio State 45 Oregon 28

Kevin Noon

For whatever reason I have never been all that concerned about this game. Maybe I am allowing Ohio State’s complete and utter dominance in the overall series cloud my judgment, maybe I am letting my east coast bias run free or maybe I just don’t think a whole lot about the Pac-12 in terms of competing with the other four ‘Power Five’ conferences.

If Oregon is not able to play Kayvon Thibodeaux on Saturday, the task of coming into Ohio Stadium becomes a much taller order. That doesn’t mean that Oregon cannot win w/o KT, but he is a sure-fire upper-upper NFL Draft pick and Mario Cristobal might sleep a little better knowing that he will have the talented defensive end at his disposal.

Ultimately Oregon is not as pedestrian as we saw the Ducks look against Fresno State but there are not a lot of difference makers on the offensive side of the ball. This team will look completely different towards the end of the season as young players start to get their footing, but asking them to be ready week two, under these circumstances, seems like a big ask.

C.J. Verdell and/or Travis Dye are not Mo Ibrahim at running back and while Johnny Johnson III made a couple of plays at receiver, if the Ducks couldn’t spread the ball around against the Fresno State defense, I am not expecting a lot of success against an Ohio State defense, much maligned or not.

Fresno State threw for 298 yards in week one and ran 73 offensive plays. I don’t see Ohio State needing to attempt 43 passes in this one, but I see the Buckeyes having early success with the CJ Stroud to Chris Olave/Garrett Wilson connection. A shorter running back rotation that should focus around Miyan Williams and TreVeyon Henderson should also help extend drives on the ground.

It may be a battle of top-15 teams, but Ohio State is a top-5 team and will really show this week why the Buckeyes are among the nation’s elite. 

Ohio State 42 Oregon 20

Kevin’s ‘Tale of the Tape’

Tom Orr

Ohio State didn’t look perfect against Minnesota – not by a long shot.
But Oregon had plenty of issues of its own against Fresno State last
weekend, too.

The Ducks will definitely present a major challenge, but injuries on
both sides mean it’s tough to know just how challenging it will be.
Will Oregon have to try to contain Ohio State’s explosive offense
without all-world defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux? Will the Buckeyes
have to try to keep the Ducks’ talented receivers under wraps without
some combination of Sevyn Banks, Cameron Brown, and Josh Proctor? This
is a big enough game for both programs that some or most of those guys
will almost certainly play.

Mario Cristobal has done a fantastic job building up the talent level
in Eugene, but Oregon is not Ohio State. The Buckeyes are not just
deeper, but better in a lot of spots around the field. Plus they’re at
home. For the second straight week, the Buckeyes are facing a passing
attack that isn’t really set up to consistently capitalize on the
question marks in OSU’s defensive backfield. And with Thibodeaux at
less than 100 percent, Oregon’s defense may be in trouble against a
balanced and explosive Buckeye offense.

Ohio State 45 Oregon 28

Mick Walker

Everyone loves big non-conference games until the rubber meets the road and it’s actually time to take the field. After last week, it is understandable why some Ohio State fans would be skeptical of the Buckeyes defense and how C.J. Stroud may grow from his first start. 

Let us first look at the positives, Ohio State will point up points. Even if the Ducks have Kayvon Thibodeaux and defensive backs Jamal Hill and DJ James return at full strength the Buckeyes will move the ball under Ryan Day. With Ohio State’s wide receiver and running back talent, the odds are that C.J. Stroud gets better with a game under his belt. From there it feels safe to assume Ohio State will put up six to seven scores.

Moving to the negatives Oregon will put up points too. They play fast, have talent, and will be coached under offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead. The biggest distinction between Oregon and Minnesota is that Tanner Morgan is a far better college quarterback than Anthony Brown at this point. Add on the fact that Oregon still has an inexperienced offensive line this will be a game dictated by the trenches. 

Ohio State’s offensive line should be able to move the Ducks and on the flip side, the defensive line should fluster Oregon all game.

Ohio State 49 Oregon 28

Fake Urban Meyer @FakeUrban

Just one week ago, people were so excited about having a game between two top 10 teams but the Oregon Ducks decided to play like dog poo and barely beat mighty Fresno State University. I’m not sure if you’ve seen a lethargic duck but it’s not a pretty site. Their best player, a guy on the defensive line who’s expected to be the top pick in next year’s NFL draft, got hurt. Boo hoo. Remember I won you people a national championship with a third-string quarterback and we defeated (wait for it) the Oregon Ducks!  But I digress…

Sure, Oregon has some weapons on offense and they’ll come up with some big plays. Their quarterback is okay and he’ll come up with some big heaves that will lead to big gains via pass interference penalties against us. However you didn’t see Ohio State use complex blitz packages last week and those will be unveiled against the quacks. 

Offensively, our redshirt freshman kid will be just fine after shaking off some early nerves in his first home game in front of thousands. More big plays are coming and we should not have many issues even if their gimpy defensive end can come in and pretend to be healthy and do pass rushing things which he can’t. You’ll see some big pass plays to guys named Chris and Garrett who no doubt will be angry that their gimpy defensive lineman might be the top pick in next year’s NFL draft. I wrote that earlier just for some bulletin board material for them to read. 

I expect another Buckeye defensive touchdown (I called that last week) and a big lead, only for the duckies to come back in the second half and make things interesting by throwing the ball, getting those aforementioned pass interference calls and running it in for some touchdowns.

Ohio State 52 Oregon 38


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  1. Buckeye’s proved to be too much Ohio State 52 Oregon 17 only because Day pulls starts in 3nd quarter.

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