Scoop World Order Podcast — Urban Meyer Talks Ryan Day, B1G Cancelation, Unsubsiding Pain

Urban Meyer spoke with Kirk Barton for the latest episode of the Scoop World

Kirk went through a number of questions with Meyer, with one of the former Buckeye head coach’s final
answers being a summation that isn’t his alone.

“I’m having a hard time comprehending what happened,” Meyer said.

Meyer was asked to grade Ryan Day’s handling of the entire situation.

Also part of the discussion is the former Buckeye head coach sharing his
opinion on the Big Ten’s decision to shut football down and what he would tell
Buckeye fans if he was still the guy in charge.

Meyer also shares what he would tell the players regarding decisions they will
have to make for themselves in the near future.

All of this and much, much more.

It’s a conversation that is well worth your time.