Silver Bullets Podcast — Michigan Rewind & Regular Season Wrapup

So…that happened. There was always going to come a day when the glorious streak of Ohio State wins over the Buckeyes’ hated rivals from up north would come to an end. Unfortunately, that day came on Saturday, ending the Buckeyes’ run toward the Big Ten title game and the College Football Playoff with a thud. A team that seemed to be on the rise just seven days earlier looked unprepared and, frankly, unmotivated against the Wolverines.

Everyone is searching for answers but there are probably several that all added up to a 42-27 road loss against a Michigan team that struggled to make a first down in the second half against Rutgers. The weather favored the hosts, the Buckeyes perhaps got too complacent after absolutely destroying the No. 7 Spartans a week earlier (and jumping Alabama), and Ohio State refused to meet Michigan’s intensity (or to stop moving before the snap) all game long.

Chip Minnich and I try to make sense of what we saw from the OSU offense, defense, and special teams on Saturday and how this team allowed itself to get pushed around for 60 minutes. We threw away our score predictions and our picks to click and speculate on how the program can (or should) respond.

There was other news from the Ohio State football world, and we discuss the first quarterback in the Buckeyes’ talented group to leave the program and a much-deserved award for a former OSU defender.

We also took a look throughout the other Big Ten scores from the weekend and compare how the season standings ended up resembling (and not resembling) our pre-season predictions.

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Enjoy this week’s show. Thanks for listening.


Scoop Family
Jul 2, 2020
I seen the same thing from Haskell and I couldn't help but to think this flu that was going around effected more than a few players. Some of them looked awful on the sideline. I imagine Ebuka was one of them