Silver Bullets Podcast — Minnesota Preview

The long, dark off-season of our souls has finally come to an end and it’s time to snap those chin straps and get to work because today is a chance to be better than yesterday and also the college football season is here! Week 0 was a bit underwhelming in terms of game selection but the Big Ten kicked off with Nebraska at Illinois and Bret Bielema’s triumphant return happened in one of the most Bert-tastic ways you’d expect. Sorry, Scott Frost, but you might want to call a realtor after that performance because bowl eligibility got that much further away from the Huskers.

Chip and I discussed that game in way too much detail but it was the only B1G game to talk about so please forgive us. We got a little overzealous there. We also talked about some Buckeyes in the NFL and one of the things we mentioned already became obsolete since the pod dropped (as usual).

But this week we’re mostly here to talk about the Ohio State 2021 opener at Minnesota. To help us do that, we enlisted the help of Randy Johnson from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Randy was gracious with his time and helped us scout the Buckeyes’ first opponent of the season, so we hope Ryan Day was listening because how else is he going to know his team needs to stop the run?

After Randy finished laying his Gopher knowledge on us, we had a little more discussion about the match-up and what Ohio State’s challenges will be on Thursday night. Then we got down to the important business of selecting our picks to click on offense and defense and predicting the final score. We both expect a tight game (at least most of the way) but only one of us picked Ohio State to cover the spread.

Next week, we’ll break down the Buckeyes’ trip to the Twin Cities and we’ll get you prepped for the Oregon Ducks.

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Enjoy this week’s show. Thanks for listening.