The Ohio State Buckeyes managed to bring home a win from Lincoln, Nebraska, but it was far from easy. The Buckeyes had multiple opportunities to pull away, but the stubborn Cornhuskers hung around all game long. The OSU offense bogged down in the red zone a few more times this week and all but abandoned the running game at times. Chip Minnich and I broke down the match-up, the statistics, and the game plan. We also checked in on our predictions for the game as well as our picks to click to see if they…well, clicked.

There were more players on offense grading out as champions this week than we expected. We discuss those who made the cut.

We also took our weekly walk around the Big Ten, paying particularly close attention to Michigan State’s road loss at Purdue. The Boilermakers have looked bad at times this season but they’ve also looked good at other times. We were surprised too by the Minnesota Golden Gophers setting their lead in the Big Ten West on fire against Illinois at home. The East will be settled in the coming weeks in just a few games but the West is bonkers.

Finally, we looked at the upcoming game against Purdue and identified the problem areas that Ohio State will need to lock down to get a win over the Boilermakers. We made our score predictions and selected our offensive and defensive picks to click.

If you’ve got something you’d like to ask us in our mailbag section, hit us up on Twitter at @Mike36fan and @ChipMinnich, and answers will be provided on the next episode. 

Enjoy this week’s show. Thanks for listening.

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