Ohio State welcomed the Oregon Ducks to Ohio Stadium on Saturday but it was the Buckeyes laying the egg with a horrific defensive performance and an offense that stopped itself a few times too many to overcome the problems on the other side of the ball. Chip Minnich and I break down the game and talk about…well, probably a lot of the same things you’ve been muttering about for the last several days. Neither one of us came close on our score predictions and we check in on our picks to click and kind of ignore the statistics this week when it came to that.

The defens’s total capitulation and some uncharacteristic offensive line struggles kind of marred what was quietly a fantastic day for freshman quarterback C.J. Stroud in only his second ever collegiate start. Stroud threw for almost 500 yards and would have eclipsed that if not for a few drops and receivers stumbling on Saturday.

We welcomed Tulsa World writer Kelly Hines to the program this week to help us prepare for the Buckeyes’ upcoming match-up with the Tulsa Golden Hurricane in the Shoe. Kelly generously gave us her time in discussing Tulsa’s offensive and defensive looks, the team’s tendency to play down or up to the level of its competition, and more. It was great learning more about the Golden Hurricane from someone who covers them on a day-to-day basis.

After our chat with Kelly, Chip and I took a lap around the B1G to check on all of the results and even though it’s early, it sure seems like Michigan, Michigan State, and even Rutgers could be much better than anticipated in 2021.

We’ll be back next week to break down the Tulsa game and look ahead to Akron.

If you’ve got something you’d like to ask us in our mailbag section, hit us up on Twitter at @Mike36fan and @ChipMinnich and answers will be provided on the next episode.

Enjoy this week’s show. Thanks for listening.

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