Silver Bullets Podcast — Transfer Window, NIL, and Playoff Expansion

The offseason continues to roll on, which means we’re rolling closer to the 2021 college football season. We’re eager to get back to it, of course, but there are still things to talk about as we roll up on the first day of summer.

Chip and I start off this week’s show by discussing some transfer portal happenings of interest to the Ohio State community and then dive into former Ohio State signings in the National Football League. In particular, we chat about some of Jerome Baker’s play that got him a hefty three-year deal from the Miami Dolphins. Baker is carving himself out a pretty decent NFL career.

We’ve got some OSU schedule talk now that we’ve got the start times to five of this season’s games nailed down. We are both a bit surprised to see the Maryland game get a noon start and we predict the Rutgers start time and surmise that the Akron game will probably start at a weird time that makes no sense, like 6:21 p.m. or something equally strange.

Name, image, and likeness continues to be a hot topic. There’s still a lot that’s up in the air with NIL, how to oversee it properly, and how to make it fair for everyone — or at least as fair as possible. I’m still chuckling at the image Chip put in my head about the Slobs shilling for Old Country Buffet. Also, someone should let Chip get a Chris Spielman jersey.

Finally, we jump into that topic the entire college football world is discussing these days — an expanded playoff. Some folks have said some dumb stuff and yet there seems to be a path forward. In fact, it would be tough to put the genie back in the bottle now that playoff expansion is a thing being talked about publicly by people who can actually affect that change. Games on campus? Put us down for that. This thing should be fan friendly and easy, so of course it will be anything else but that.

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Enjoy this week’s show. Thanks for listening.