Can the Ohio State Defensive Line Slow Down Clemson’s Passing Attack?

Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr finish up with the listener questions from the previous episode. Topics include moving Shaun Wade to the slot against Clemson, New Orleans cuisine preferences, which running back starts for the Buckeyes, will Clemson be facing an angry Ohio State team, how much of Justin Fields’ Northwestern performance was the thumb …

Buckeye Weekly Podcast — Has Justin Fields Regressed?

Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr answer a bunch of listener questions in thisepisode. Topics include running the ball against Clemson, returningBuckeye seniors, bouncing back after poor performances, has JustinFields regressed, problems with Dabo, and thoughts on Bret Bielema’s glorious return. All of this and much more. Transcription (Automated and Unedited)

Ohio State and Clemson are Sugar Bowl Bound

Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr recap the College Football Playoff announcement, which has #3 Ohio State and #2 Clemson headed to New Orleans to match up in the Sugar Bowl. Meanwhile, #1 Alabama will be defeating #4 Notre Dame heavily in the Rose Bowl, which is being played in Arlington, Texas. Why the Sugar Bowl …

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