BREAKING: Michigan Accepts Jim Harbaugh’s Suspension

Michigan has announced that they will not be resorting to litigation as they have accepted Jim Harbaugh’s three game suspension. Read more on the main board:

Oracle Prophecy: Recruiting Update – November 15

In the midst of getting all of the inside information on the Michigan scandal, The Oracle has been hard at work bringing us a recruiting update as of November 15th! Tune in to the main board to read more:

BREAKING: Jim Harbaugh Suspended From the Sideline for the Rest of the Regular Season

The B1G has suspended Jim Harbaugh from the sidelines for the remainder of the regular season for violation of the sportsmanship clause. While Harbaugh is allowed to coach during the week, more disciplinary action may come from the B1G as more information is uncovered. Tune in to the main board for more details:

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