Tallying All 44 TDs Ohio State Has Scored On Michigan Since 2012

Earlier this week, the Big Ten Network tweeted out an eight-minute highlight package of every touchdown Ohio State has scored against Michigan during the current eight-game winning streak for the Buckeyes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it right here. If you have seen it, you know you’re just going to watch it again.

As you’ll see, a number of familiar names, numbers, and faces keep popping up, which got me wondering who was responsible for the most scores, how much ground was covered, who gave up the most scores, and just random minutiae like that.

So I went ahead and charted each touchdown with who scored it, the distance, the year, who it was against (if anybody), and who it was from (i.e. who threw the pass). See if you can spot any trends.

Carlos Hyde32012Keith Heitzman
Philly Brown142012Thomas GordonBraxton Miller
Devin Smith532013Josh FurmanBraxton Miller
Braxton Miller532013Josh Furman
Braxton Miller212013Willie Henry
Braxton Miller32013
Jeff Heuerman222013Joe BoldenBraxton Miller
Carlos Hyde12013
Nick Vannett62014Dymonte ThomasJT Barrett
JT Barrett252014Jake Ryan
JT Barrett22014Joe Bolden
Ezekiel Elliott22014Joe Bolden
Ezekiel Elliott442014Jake Ryan
Darron Lee332014Devin Gardner
JT Barrett72015Joe Bolden
Ezekiel Elliott52015Desmond Morgan
Jalin Marshall252015Jeremy ClarkJT Barrett
JT Barrett132015James Ross
Ezekiel Elliott102015Taco Charlton
JT Barrett172015Jabrill Peppers
Malik Hooker162016Wilton Speight
Mike Weber12016
JT Barrett72016
Curtis Samuel152016
JT Barrett212017
Marcus Baugh252017Khaleke HudsonJT Barrett
JK Dobbins12017
Mike Weber252017Josh Metellus
Chris Olave242018Brandon WatsonDwayne Haskins
Chris Olave242018Brandon WatsonDwayne Haskins
Johnnie Dixon312018Jordan GlasgowDwayne Haskins
Sevyn Banks332018Chris Olave
Mike Weber22018
Parris Campbell782018Josh MetellusDwayne Haskins
KJ Hill12018Josh MetellusDwayne Haskins
Parris Campbell162018Brandon WatsonDwayne Haskins
JK Dobbins52019Josh Metellus
Chris Olave572019Josh MetellusJustin Fields
JK Dobbins62019
JK Dobbins52019
KJ Hill62019Josh MetellusJustin Fields
Garrett Wilson302019Josh MetellusJustin Fields
Austin Mack162019Josh MetellusJustin Fields
JK Dobbins332019Josh Metellus

Some of these touchdowns have a “best guess” as to who gave them up, but I did try to give the benefit of the doubt to the defender since nobody from Ohio State gave them the benefit of anything.

All told, the 44 touchdowns covered 837 yards, for an average of 19 yards per score. The distances ranged from 1 yard (Carlos Hyde, Mike Weber, JK Dobbins, KJ Hill) to 78 yards (Parris Campbell). The 1-yard touchdown is tied for the most common distance with 25 yards (Jalin Marshall, Marcus Baugh, JT Barrett, Mike Weber).

To some surprise — or no surprise — JT Barrett led the way with seven rushing touchdowns. He is the only player in this eight-game span to score in four games. He also threw three touchdowns, making his 10 touchdowns responsible for by far the most among the Buckeyes.

Interestingly, however, Barrett’s three touchdown passes over four years were tied by Braxton Miller in two years, and surpassed by Justin Fields’ four TD passes in 2019 and Dwayne Haskins’ six in 2018.

The most total ground covered with their touchdowns is Chris Olave with 105 yards. He has scored on touchdown passes of 24, 24, and 57. Barrett’s seven touchdowns netted 92 yards, which was two yards below Parris Campbell’s 94 yards on his two touchdowns.

As to which players in the Maize and Blue were responsible for the most touchdowns allowed, some names stood out over all the others.

Three different Wolverines gave up at least three touchdowns. Defensive back Brandon Watson gave up three in 2018 alone, two of which were against a freshman Chris Olave. Linebacker Joe Bolden — who is now a quality control coach at Ohio State — could be considered responsible for four scores over 2013, 2014, and 2015 (but who’s counting).

The most touchdowns allowed, however, belong to safety Josh Metellus, who permitted nine touchdowns over 2017, 2018, and 2019. Five of those scores came in Ohio State’s 56-27 win in 2019.

Those seven total touchdowns covered 251 yards, which is 30% of the entire total yards the 44 touchdowns accounted for.

Over the past eight games, Ohio State has outscored Michigan 331-216, or an average score of 41-27.

Fortunately for Michigan, the game was canceled last year or else the numbers above would be skewed a little bit more towards Ohio State.

The Wolverines will have a chance to swing things back in their favor this season, however, and based on some new signage in their football facility, it sure seems like they’re looking forward to the opportunity.