WEST CHESTER, Ohio – The Buckeyes are now up to two offensive line commitments in the 2022 class with Tegra Tshabola and George Fitzpatrick. Still, Ohio State offensive line coach Greg Studrawa does not always get a ton of credit on the recruiting trail, from the Ohio State fan base at least. 

However, Studrawa is very well respected in the coaching world and amongst recruits. Tshabola specifically, holds him in very high regard.

“We’ve got the best coach in the country in my opinion and a lot of other people’s opinion,” Tshabola told Buckeye Scoop.

As for what he believes makes Studrawa one of the best in the country and someone he is excited to play under, Tshabola gave a simple yet well-thought-out reply.

“His energy,” he said. “He comes in every day with a high energy and he will not quit on you. If you don’t quit on him he will teach you a lot of things, so I go out there, I show him effort every time and he teaches me a thing or two. Show him effort and he will give you effort back. If you really listen to him he’ll teach you, he’ll get you right, and his resume speaks for itself too.”

One result of all that time, energy, and effort that Studrawa gives his players is potentially being a high draft pick when the time comes. This year those beneficiaries were Wyatt Davis and Josh Myers. Next spring it’s likely to be Thayer Munford and Nicholas Petit-Frere, both of whom Tshabola talked to during his time in Columbus last month, which was something he enjoyed. 

“It’s extremely cool because I’ve talked to these guys, they’re really some of the coolest people, but as soon as they step on the field it’s like a switch,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like it, but those guys are really cool guys and when I was up there they treated me like I was one of them.”

Additionally, Tshabola used his time around Munford and Petit-Frere to learn more about the coach he considers the best in the country. And the two soon-to-be draft picks did not sugar coat things for the future Buckeye.

“They said if you don’t BS with him, he will coach you up like you are one of his own. Just go out there and show him effort,” he said. “That’s basically what they told me, and that what I’ve been doing every time I‘ve been speaking on the phone with him or I’m up there.”

And after camping at Ohio State last month, Tshabola agrees with what he was told about Studrawa.

“Of course,” he said, “because when you come in and you’re a guy working hard, he is going to show you exactly the same amount of effort you are showing him.”

Much like his Lakota West teammate Jyaire Brown who we talked about last week, Tshabola is a bit of a forgotten man at times in Ohio State’s 2022 class. He committed early, hasn’t wavered, and is quiet by nature. Nevertheless, the Buckeyes have another talented player coming to Ohio State who is ready to be coached by the best.

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