JEFFERSON, Ga. – Class of 2024 linebacker Sammy Brown is much more of a story than just a cool haircut.

People look at the 6-foot-2, 225-pounder and see the curly mullet and the five-stars and form their opinion right there of one of the most exciting football players in his class.

But Brown also runs a sub-10.9 100-meter dash and is a premiere high school wrestler and has a terrific sense of humor (stay tuned for a story on that later).

Not bad for a player who 18 months ago thought he would be fortunate to be playing college football at Division 2 or Division 3 and felt that the top end would be following his father’s footsteps and playing college ball at Furman (Division I-FCS).

Furman would be more than happy to accept that commitment, yesterday, on Brown as he now sits with more than 20 reported offers and that number will surely swell as time goes on.

Ohio State has been in the mix with Brown for some time but coaching changes on the defensive side of the ball means that Brown and the Buckeyes will have a little work to do along the way. One thing that has not changed however is head coach Ryan Day and Brown has already had a chance to form opinions on the Ohio State head coach.

“He seems like a really laid-back guy,” Brown said. “He seems like a guy you can really talk to off the field and you wouldn’t even know he is a coach, but then as soon as that game day rolls around, he is fired up and getting super excited… he seems like a guy who can flip the switch really well and just seems like a great coach.”

There is a lot of belief that it will be hard to get Brown out of the South when it comes to finding the school that he eventually gives his commitment to. There is no denying that UGA is just 20-some miles away and with schools like Alabama and others a short trip away.

At least at this point, the idea to a national search is appealing to Brown and modern travel allows for family to be close by.

“It takes longer for us to get to the airport than it takes to fly up to Ohio State,” Brown said. “It took us longer to get from Jefferson to the Atlanta airport than to fly up there. Geographically, it’s not really a challenge going anywhere.”

Check out more of what Brown had to say in this Southern Swing entry from day two of the trip as we continue our tour of the Southeast and stop and chat with one of the best in 2024.

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