Top Wrestling Prospect Rylan Rogers on His Trip to Columbus: ‘The visit was awesome’

If you follow Ohio State wrestling and you read Buckeye Scoop then you know that last weekend was a huge recruiting weekend for Tom Ryan and his staff. They hosted seven top 100 recruits and four-fifths of the top five. Earlier this week we caught up with the country’s top recruit Jesse Mendez to discuss his trip to Columbus. Today we caught up with the country’s fifth-ranked recruit and one of the best 184/197 pounders available in Rylan Rogers, a native of the Pacific Northwest.

Just like many wrestling recruits, this was the first time Rogers got to visit a college campus in an official capacity. And, of course, he loved it. Everything from Columbus to the wrestling room at Ohio State stood out for him.

“The visit was awesome,” he told Buckeye Scoop. “I haven’t really been on any official visits so it was all kind of new to me. Columbus is a cool town. It’s pretty big and a good college town. The facilities were like, I think most people would say just unreal. I don’t think I’ve seen a wrestling room quite like that. It was pretty nuts. I like the kids on the team. There were a lot of good kids on the team like Paddy Gallagher and Nick Feldman. I really like those guys, it was a good visit.”

Rogers projects best as an upper weight either at 184 pounds or one weight above at 197. As a result, he would most likely practice with current Ohio State commits Seth Shumate and Nick Feldman who also project to upper weights. That practice group is definitely something that interests him about Ohio State.

“Nick, Shumate, and I that would for sure be a nasty lineup,” he said. “But they’re awesome kids and they’re also great wrestlers so that would be awesome.”

The Buckeyes hosted a very talented group of commits this weekend and that’s even if you take away Shumate and Feldman. Ohio State had the top two recruits in the country on campus and being around them was something that Rogers not only enjoyed but learned from.

“I think it was good,” he said. “I mean with Nick and Jesse I know Jesse pretty well. I didn’t know Nic Bouzakis a whole lot but I think we’re all similar-minded so we all kind of think alike and love wrestling. I would say we are pretty dedicated to our goals and we’re looking to accomplish them. We are just looking for a place that we feel can accomplish that for us but it was awesome to pick some of their brains.”

Much has been said of last week’s big recruiting weekend at Ohio State but none of those prospects end up in Columbus without the coaching staff at OSU. And much like all the other recruits, Rogers had nothing but great things to say about Tom Ryan and his staff at Ohio State.

“With everything being virtual, I’m more of a face-to-face person I would say, so constantly having to text is kind of annoying,” he admitted. “Getting to meet them face-to-face and have good conversations, they’ll joke around with you and it’s more real when it’s in person so it was awesome to see how their staff communicates. They’re awesome.”

The Buckeyes got the first visit and knocked it out of the park with Rogers but they’ll need to keep on him the whole summer because he still has a handful of visits left to take. Nevertheless, the Buckeyes are doing everything they can to land one of the country’s best. They even visited Rogers at his house yesterday evening.