Ohio State freshman running back TreVeyon Henderson lost his black stripe following practice on Saturday, signifying his full-fledged status as a member of the Ohio State football team.

Henderson is the the third true freshman to lose his black stripe this spring, joining receiver Marvin Harrison and defensive end Jack Sawyer, who both lost theirs following practice on Tuesday.

A 5-foot-10, 210-pound tailback out of Hopewell, Virginia, Henderson was the No. 1 running back in the 2021 class per the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Henderson did not have a senior season of high school football because the state of Virginia moved their fall season to this spring, but he still rushed for over 4,000 yards in his career at Hopewell High School.

Expectations are very high for Henderson this year, and it’s clear that some of those expectations are already being met this spring. But shining early is nothing new for Henderson, which is why this is all likely coming as no surprise to Henderson’s high school coach Ricky Irby, who talked to Buckeye Scoop about his former star back in the winter.

“He’s a natural-born leader,” Irby said. “The kid came up to us as a ninth grader and we never even thought about putting a JV uniform on him. He went straight from middle school football to starting on a state championship varsity football team at safety. He also played some receiver for us that year as well as a freshman. He’s a kid that that he’s always going to be working the hardest. He’s gonna hold himself accountable and he’s holding his teammates accountable. He’s very driven and very motivated to be the best player in the world. And he’s pretty good.”

Following his sophomore season, Clemson offered TreVeyon Henderson as a safety. Notre Dame saw him as a cornerback. Syracuse and Tennessee liked him at receiver. He eventually found a home at running back, however, and every day on the Ohio State practice field, he’s showing just how comfortable he is.

Henderson is one of two freshman running backs participating in spring ball for the Buckeyes, with the other being Evan Pryor. Don’t be surprised if Pryor ends up on this list as well in the very near future.

“It was funny, I got a FaceTime call on a Sunday,” running backs coach Tony Alford said this spring of Henderson and Pryor. “This was weeks ago mind you. It was on a Sunday, I get a FaceTime call about eight at night and these two are in there and they have somehow figured out how to get into the facility on a Sunday night and they’re working on pass protection. And they’re having one of the other receivers with them holding up the camera and had me coach them through some drill stuff and pass protections on a Sunday night, I think it was late January, early February. So they’re just hungry, they’re hungry to learn and they’re great kids.”

Ohio State Black Stripe Leaderboard

DL Jacolbe Cowan – April 2
WR Marvin Harrison – April 6
DE Jack Sawyer – April 6

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  1. Hmm… Hadn’t thought about this comparison, but I like it a lot.


  2. Among the several I said, Henderson was one of them. But I think I went with Carrico. But probably Henderson!

  3. He said he’d let others judge him when he puts the pads on. He’s different than anybody else Ohio State has.

  4. [QUOTE=”tkirk, post: 126151, member: 714″]
    Glad to see you are now “there”. Months ago, posted he was a generational talent. Starter day one. Ohio State staff can try to hide him, down play him, etc. But, the players know. And it will be a resounding message. “Play him, start him, he is our RB”. He is at a different level.
    My opinion hasn’t changed. I still think Master Teague is the starter. I’ve always viewed Henderson as a different back. Dobbins and Elliott levels. I still think Teague starts.

  5. [QUOTE=”tkirk, post: 126231, member: 714″]
    Then are you saying Ryan Day is going to not start his “best players”, but his most “seniority, experienced players” ?
    How is he as a pass blocker?

  6. [QUOTE=”ferraribuck, post: 126270, member: 5173″]
    Why can’t he be the starting running back?
    He can be, it’s just rare.

  7. [QUOTE=”BUXB1GLY, post: 126295, member: 659″]
    I just don’t get why anyone cares who “starts.” You need 2 or 3 guys getting carries. If Henderson busts a bunch of big runs and outplays Teague he’ll become the primary RB (see Trey Sermon). Day and Co don’t have time to worry about feelings. Now, is there any reason to come out and proclaim Henderson The Man right now, essentially begging the upperclassman to hit the portal? I’d say no.
    Yep. Just wrote the same thing for something on working on.

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