Wagner hearing from dozens of programs, including Ohio State

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio — Ohio State is taking an interest in a couple of prospects at Dayton area powerhouse Huber Heights Wayne. Class of 2022 offensive tackle Aamil Wagner is right at the top of that list. The 6-foot-6, 255-pound offensive tackle prospect helped pave the way for his team’s 20-10 win over Centerville in the first round of the OHSAA playoffs on Friday night.

“I’m really excited,” said Wagner after the game. “Any type of playoff win is a good win, but especially when it’s our rival Centerville. We came out in the first half a little slow and then we came out and made some adjustments, so I’m pretty excited.”

Wagner is a much improved player from his sophomore year to his junior year for a variety of reasons. Given that this is only his second year on the offensive line, the potential here is intriguing.

“I’ve put on 20 more pounds, which helped a lot with moving the big guys and everything,” he explained. “All summer long, I refined my technique and tried to do better. I worked on footwork, pass [protection] and everything. I think I improved a lot in technicality and in terms of weight. I’m up to 255 now.”

Wagner’s recruitment has taken off due to those improvements and that potential. Approximately 60 coaches reached out to him on September 1st, the first day coaches could contact class of 2022 prospects.

“It’s been pretty intense,” he stated. “A lot of coaches are calling me every day. A lot of universities and coaches and everything; I’m trying to do my best to look at every university equally without any bias and do my time and research on the academics and the program history.”

Ohio State hasn’t yet offered Wagner but is showing a lot of interest in the athletic tackle prospect.

“Coach Stud is my main point of contact at Ohio State,” Wagner said. “I talk with him every week or every so often, he asks me how I’m doing and how I played each game and everything.”

The Buckeyes have given Wagner a little bit of feedback so far as they continue to evaluate his physical development.

“Ohio State says I do a pretty good job in run blocking and gave me compliments, saying that they run the ball behind me a lot and other good feedback,” he recalled. “They haven’t said much in terms of what they need to see on the field yet (to offer), but I’m looking forward to it as we build our relationships.”

Wagner’s older brother, Ahmad, played basketball at Iowa and then football at Kentucky, so he has a lot of connections already in college athletics. An offer from the Buckeyes would be a meaningful one for him.

“I like the academics at Ohio State,” he explained. “It’s always academics first before football and it’s a great academic university. Also, the team has a rich tradition and history with the success they’ve had for years and the coaches and players that have been there.”

Academics are going to be big for Wagner in his thought process.

“Academics would be the number one [factor in my decision] by far,” he continued. “Academics is the big thing in our household, we really preach that. After that, it would be the fit and if I really feel comfortable there and my family does and everything. So academics, the fit, coaching staff and maybe a little bit of tradition.”

Wagner says he would like major in sports administration in college.