Trey Sermon: Ohio State running back turns in historic performance in Big Ten Championship

Since arriving at Ohio State this off-season, Trey Sermon has gradually seen his role increase throughout this 2020 season. But nobody could have seen Saturday’s performance coming. Against one of the nation’s top run defenses, Sermon set a new Ohio State single-game rushing record, carrying 29 times for 331 yards and two scores.

Sermon met with the media after Saturday’s win to discuss his historic effort and being “in the zone” on such a big stage.

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  1. [QUOTE=”Biggboiye, post: 8871, member: 391″]
    Thanks Marc! Any chance he returns next season since this one is a waiver year for everyone?
    I’m not expecting it. Generally if you’re a RB and you can go, you should go, but it’s probably something to at least keep an eye on. If he has a strong CFP, hard to imagine him returning.

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