What Is The Biggest Offseason Hurdle For Jim Knowles And The Ohio State Defense?

Ohio State’s defense has arguably been the biggest obstacle standing between the Buckeyes and a national championship in each of the last two seasons. That’s a big reason why head coach Ryan Day made a major overhaul of his coaching staff, replacing the defensive coordinator and two position coaches on that side of the ball.

Since then, Buckeye Scoop’s Xs and Os guru Ross Fulton has been on the Morning Scoop several times discussing WHAT Knowles would do to fix the issues on defense. Today, he joins host Tom Orr to discuss HOW those changes will be made.

  • When does that install process begin?
  • What kinds of things will they start with, and what will have to wait for later in the offseason?
  • How much of a challenge will it be for Larry Johnson to have to coach the line in a different scheme?
  • How does it help to have former Knowles staffers joining him at Ohio State?
  • Can they get the full defense installed in time for the Notre Dame game?

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