What Issues Are Holding Up College Football Playoff Expansion?

In June 2021, the College Football Playoff committee announced that it was studying a potential expansion to 12 teams that could go into effect as soon as 2023. The news came as a total shock at the time, but there has been little progress toward that goal since then.

So what issues are holding things up, and how will they get resolved?

Marcus Hartman of the Dayton Daily News joins host Tom Orr to answer those questions and much more.

  • Can players really handle the physical demands of a 16 or even 17-game season?
  • How will the games be scheduled, and how will that impact the future of the bowl system?
  • Should the field be eight or 12 teams?
  • Which conferences, if any, should get automatic bids?

Plus, what’s the latest on Jim Harbaugh’s potential move to the NFL? Has his Michigan program hit its ceiling? Should he take the Las Vegas Raiders’ job if it’s offered to him?

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