What’s new for 2022 as out with the old and in with the news

Big Me Kickoff is here after a couple of weeks off (well, we were on everyone else’s shows) and a Happy New Year out there to all of our listeners. The College Football Playoff Championship Game was last night, and we have a new champion. Was it a great game or just a mediocre game with a couple of fun moments?

The Buckeyes finished No. 6 in the final AP poll of the season and that just continues the narrative that few teams have been as consistently good as Ohio State even if national championship trophies have remained elusive.

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Who do I like to make the CFP in 2022-23? You better believe I have the Buckeyes in the mix but who else? I have two from the SEC, once again, but the second team may surprise you, as well as my fourth team.

Plus, plenty of changes with two new coaches (so far) for Ohio State football and a football schedule announcement coming up on Wednesday.

All of that and more in The Big Me Kickoff with Kevin Noon, don’t miss out.