When you haven’t lost a regular-season game in close to three years, one bad weekend can lead to a lot of very big questions for a college football program like Ohio State’s.

For the second straight week, the Buckeyes struggled to get off the field on defense against a big underdog, and Saturday, that ended with a 35-28 loss to Oregon. So where do Ryan Day, Kerry Coombs, and the rest of the Ohio State program go from here?

You’ll hear directly from Day and Coombs about what issues they see, what they think is to blame, and how they’re planning to fix them this week.

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  1. These were honest answers. After so much time working it this year and last, I just am not optimistic that these issues can be fixed. As a defense of so many players its hard for me to believe it’s an aptitude issue with the players. This really has to be coaching. I didn’t hear any answers that made me think the problem is specifically known and can be fixed. If I had heard that then I would say this is a personnel issue. I think the end there Coombs indicated this system isn’t his to embrace.

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