Will Ohio State Vs. Notre Dame Be In Primetime? Could The Buckeyes Duck A Penn State Whiteout?

Television controls just about everything there is to do with college football these days. TV networks are currently fighting for the right to pay the Big Ten north of $1 billion per year (yes, billion with a B) for the rights to televise the conference’s football games.

That helps explain why those same networks get to dictate a lot about when those games actually get played.

So does that mean that the much-anticipated Ohio State vs. Notre Dame game will be a Big Noon Kickoff? And is the Buckeyes’ trip to Happy Valley destined to be a primetime kickoff in front of a frenzied whiteout?

Well… no. Not necessarily.

Matt Sarzyniak of MattSarzSports.com is the leading expert on breaking down all of the factors that go into determining which games will air on which networks and when. He joins host Tom Orr to discuss some of the early games on this year’s Ohio State football schedule, as well as that big trip to Beaver Stadium and more.

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