Ohio State’s defense has come a long way since the first couple weeks of the season where they looked totally lost and very predictable. But how much can you really take away from lockdown performances against offenses like Akron and Rutgers?

BuckeyeScoop’s Xs and Os guru Ross Fulton joins host Tom Orr to answer that and much more.

  • Why did Ohio State play so much Cover 2 against Rutgers after barely showing it earlier in the year?
  • What tweaks did they add to make themselves even less predictable? (And what the heck is MEG?)
  • How has Ronnie Hickman turned into such a dominating piece of the defense?
  • What change did the Buckeyes make to Craig Young’s role, and when will he be a bigger part of the game plan?
  • What is Ross watching for when the Buckeyes face a more impressive Maryland offense this weekend?

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  1. Every week Ross can explain what we should be looking for when it comes to the defense. I will be watching intently how we handle the RPO’s. Thanks guys.

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